Much of human history is a story of conflict due to scarcity. From food to land and shelter. The scarcity defining resource of the industrial world was capital. I believe the scarcity-defining resource of the digital age is data and attention. I’ve found myself fascinated by the new age and have done everything I can do help lawmakers adjust for the problems that come along with this age to the best of my ability.

I’m very lucky to be able to work on policy issues with various think tanks, government agencies, trade organizations, legislators and campaigns on issues ranging from local broadband internet access, high skilled immigration, and wireless spectrum auctions to cybersecurity, data property rights, venture economic impact by regulatory changes, and more. I stay strictly nonpartisan and have given assistance to anyone across the political spectrum.

There has been some very interesting work with the IEEE Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Systems Policy Committee (AI&ASPC) that I’m a part of on self-driving car safety regulations, the role of machine learning in the justice system along with other issues.

For some examples of who I’ve worked with:

If you’re a candidate looking for assistance on technology policy issues feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to work with you to assist your campaign on coming to data driven policy decisions on technology policy. As a caveat I can only help with issues I have meaningful experience with; I would not be able to assist with issues in agriculture for example.

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