My Reading List

The books I’ve listed here are some of the most useful and eye-opening that I’ve gone through. I’ve read everything on this list and won’t add anything here unless I’ve read it myself.

The lists are in the order they I would read them if starting from scratch.

If you have books that you think I should read or add to this list, feel free to let me know!


This is my recommended reading list for pretty much anyone.


I think every programmer should read these books, they are each so great and so important. They will take you from building a computer from the ground up, to writing clean maintainable code, designing it well, and then making it efficient. You then go on to start thinking about the kinds of problems that computers can actually solve, and what the limits are.

Others that are good


Web Resources

There are a few web resources that are worth taking a look through.

This course by UAlberta on Design Patterns is really helpful for understanding how to structure clean software, and you should take it before you write code for anyone.


it’s really hard to find physics books that don’t feel like they’re going over the same concepts again and again.




These are books that I thought were really interesting, a good learning experience, or just a fun read.


These are the MOOC’s I’ve taken that I think are worth going through. Feel free to pick and choose, I recommend everything here.


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I promise it's worth it.

A. D. A.