My Reading List

The books I’ve listed here are some of the most useful and eye-opening that I’ve gone through. I’ve read everything on this list and won’t add anything here unless I’ve read it myself.

The lists are in the order they I would read them if starting from scratch.

If you have books that you think I should read or add to this list, feel free to let me know!


This is my recommended reading list for pretty much anyone.


I think every programmer should read these books, they are each so great and so important.

Others that are good


Web Resources

There are a few web resources that are worth taking a look through.


it’s really hard to find physics books that don’t feel like they’re going over the same concepts again and again.




These are books that I thought were really interesting, a good learning experience, or just a fun read.


These are the MOOC’s I’ve taken that I think are worth going through. If you don’t care too much about law you don’t need the constitutional concepts.

asterisks (in order) Before you get start attacking me, this is a book about the mathematics of voting systems and how they can be improved upon. In the federalist papers I recommend specifically: [10, 28, 29, 71, 78, 79, 80, 81].

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I promise it's worth it.

A. D. A.